Jun 14

Inverting Amplifier Tutoruial

Today we are going to see about the inverting amplifier,

an inverting amplifier is a amplifier that inverts the output and then amplifies it.

we can determine the gain of the opamp using the two external resistors Rf and Rin


We can determine the opamp output from this formula Vout=-Rf/Rin.Vin

And the volatage of the amplifier is A=-Rf/Rin, and the negative sign indicates that the output of the inverting amplifer is negative

Apr 19

PIC Microcontroller Tutorial : LED Blink (Video) And Program SImulation

Today we are going to experience a tutorial on PIC microcontroller’s.

We are using Micro c software for understanding the language and also shown in detail how to debug and program on the chip.

This video tutorial explains you how to open a new project in the Micro c IDE, and the example program which we will see  is led blink.

So we blink an led using a pic microcontroller program.

After writing the program this video also shows you how to simulate  the program on the chip using the Pic Simulator IDE

Also video shows how to select a microcontroller to program on chip and then it’s different registers inside it.

we are going to select the pic 16f series of the microcontroler and then program it.

U can watch the video for detailed information

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Apr 16

LC Tank Oscillator : Oscillator Tutorial

Oscillators are one of the very important aspect of all the elctronics equipmets present these days.

When it comes to oscillators there are many kins of its own. The very common oscillator we can find is inside the clock which is a quartz crystal which controls the clock.

the other main thing we need to discuss about is the tank circuit, and u can find it in basically all types of radios.

A tank circuit consists of an coil and an capacitor connected

Actually how it works is when the capacitor charges and discharges through the coil it stats to build a magnetic field. there will be the maximum field

built when the capacitor is fully discharged.

now when the capacitor starts discharging the magnetic field which is buit prevoiusly will start to decrease till the capacitor is fully charged. u can see in the figure below

so again when th capacitor is charged the magnetic field is built but now in the opposite direction. this produces the positive and negative oscillations in the tank circuit which further results in a

oscillated output wave.

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